Customer / Location / Description / $Value / Date

Marie products - Tucson, AZ
Document entire product line 3.6K 1979

Kaiser Electronics - San Jose
Document various heads-up-display hardware 11.3K 1979

Ford Aerospace - Palo Alto
Document satellite communication consoles 1.9K 1979

Calma Interactive - Santa Clara
Generated manufacturing/assy instructions 9.6K 1980

Westinghouse - Sunnyvale
Documented fixtures for Poseidon missile tubes 15K 1980
General Dynamics Groton-CT
Generated manuals for Ohio class submarines 12.2K 1980

Earl & Wright Consulting Engineers - San Francisco, CA
Design off-shore personnel transport system 9.6K 1980
Detail off-shore oil platform structure components 4.1K 1980

Jacobs & Associates - SF, CA
Design and detail automated backhoe extension 13.4K 1981

Dunn Instruments - SF, CA
Redesign model 611 hard copy video camera 14K 1981
Design and build model 614 video camera 58K 1981

Atari - Santa Clara
Design and build Mitchell movie camera system 3.2K 1982

Tekna - Belmont, CA
Detail variable pitch prop for DV-3 submersible 3.1K 1982
Generate assembly drawings for DV-3 1.1K 1982
Generate color renderings for military proposal .7K 1982

Kennedy Design Group - Marin
Detail Diasonics NMR workstation .45K 1983

Lawrence Livermore Lab
Detail high voltage connector for LIS Laser 15K 1983

University of California Space Sciences Lab - Berkeley, CA
Design extreme ultraviolet spectrometer/sounding rocket payload 4.6K 1984
Design and build vacuum ground support equipment 3.4K 1984
Design focal plane of EUVE scanning telescope 2.1K 1985
Design and build Finley plasma source 2.7K 1985
Redesign and build Henke plasma source 2.2K 1985
Design and build 4 axis high vacuum manipulator 1.1M 1987
Design flight electrical boxes for EUVE 17.2K 1987
Design handling assy/fixtures for scanning telescope 2.9K 1988
Design shipping containers for EUVE 2.4K 1988

Trufocus Inc .- Los Gatos
Design of various X-ray tubes and high voltage power supplies 15K 1988

Kobe Precision - Santa Rosa
Design Akebono ID/OD load unload automation 6.6K 1989

Motorola - Sunnyvale
Design automated tube feeder 3.3K 1989

Dupont - Minneapolis, MN
Design and build clean room conveyor, shuttle and rotate 66K 1990

Seagate Technology - Rochester, NY
Design and build FTP load unload automation 172K 1990

LDJ - Tokyo
Redesign coil test conveyor/automation 5.K 1990

IBM - San Jose, CA
Design and build 275mm FTP automation 105K 1990
Design and build line 4 lube automation 165K 1991
Design and build line 5 lube automation (8 units) 354K 1991
Design and build 95-275mm Automated Transfer Cell 83K 1992
Design and build 275mm Automated Batching Cell 66K 1992
Redesign Atcor washer control system 22K 1994

IBM - Boca Raton, FL
Design and build Laser Texture cassette automation 12K 1994

Seagate Magnetics - Fremont, CA
Design and build guager cassette automation 66K 1992
Layout and design Nickel bake area 12K 1994
Design and build cassette pitch changer 6.8K 1994

Komag - Milpitas, CA
Design and build Single Tester Loader (3 units) 143K 1991
Redesign certifier cell automation 8.2K 1991
Build Single Tester Loader (4 units) 53K 1993
Design and build Dual Tester Loader Cell (27 Units) 3.5M 92-95
Design and build automated sort and retrieval system 68K 1994

Applied Immune Sciences - Fremont, CA
Design and consulting TMS activation system 2.3K 1993
Design and consulting TMS rinse system 1.2K 1993

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