Client / Location  Description  / $Value / Date

Anderson Molds/ Oral-B - Stockton, CA 
Retool and Debug Prophy Assy. Line 39.1K 08/13/99
Contract Manufacturing - Prophy Line 3.1K 12/17/99

Antex International - Sunnyvale, CA
Design/Build Support: Floppy Assembly Line 145K 10/94-07/95
Mechanical Design/Consulting,Build Support 
HMT Texture Automation, $9M Project 
Part of $350M Plant Expansion 206K 09/96-10/97
Marketing Services 14.5K 08/97-02/98
Design/Detail - Ocular Science 1.6K 08/12/98
Design/Detail - DVD Player Housing 1.9K 09/15/98
Design/Detail - DVD Player Buttons And Drawer 2K 10/09/98

Applied Immune Sciences, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Concept/Design/Detail Macrocellector System 8.3K 08/27/95
Fab Support, System Testing - Macrocellector 0.4K 02/01/96
Macrocellector Upgrade 2.6K 03/29/96

ATK/Federal Cartridge Co. - Anoka, MN 
9mm Marker Round Assembly Automation 205K 06/13/06

Boston Scientific - Fremont, CA
Confidential and Proprietary N/A 02/29/08
N/A 04/02/09
N/A 04/07/09

Brush Wellman, Inc. - Fremont, CA
Design Rotary Forming Tool 1.8K 05/14/09
Build Rotary Forming Tool 4.5K 05/26/09

Cepheid - Sunnyvale, CA
Design/Detail PSAL Reaction Tube Assy Line 5K 12/10/98
Build/Debug PSAL Reaction Tube Assy Line 300K 02/99-11/99
Design/Build Tube Test Tooling 1.7K 02/12/99
Design Fab PSAL Lab Tooling/Systems 33.5K 99-current
Consulting For Cartridge Development 35.7K 06/99-02/01
Design/Build Livermore Briefcase 10.4K 07/03/00
FabPSAL Control System 33K 03/17/99
Fab PSAL Pressure Test Station 20.8K 05/04/99
Fab PSAL Cut/Tack and Seal Stations 14.7K 05/04/99
Fab PSAL Cut/Tack and Seal Station Mt Acc. 6.3K 05/04/99
Fab PSAL Misc Hardware and Safety 15K 06/07/99
PSAL Support Sustaining and Upgrades 55K 99-current
Design Build GX Tube Automation 155K 02/01
GX Tube Support Sustaining and Upgrades 45K 01-current
Design Build GX Bead Maker 35K 03/02-06/02
Design Build GX Bead Sorter 55K 05/02-09/02
Design Build GX Valve Table 345K 10/02-11/04
Design Develop Prefilter 2.3K 12/15/04
GX Valve Upgrades 4.6K 01/08/05
Design Build Omnimix 18.5K 02/01/05
GX Valve Service and Upgrades 1.3K 02/09/05
Training Allen Bradley PLC .96K 02/09/05 
Omnimix add HMI/Code 1.5K 02/19/05
Fab/Code GX Valve add Grease Bubble Sensors .56K 03/14/05
Design Build Prefilter Stringer Reducer 9.3K 03/25/05
GX Valve Upgrades 1.2K 09/08/05
Build GX Valve Body Carts and Trays 63.1K 11/16/05
SC Seal Station ? Backup Pin Upgrade 1.2K 12/20/05
Build Lab-Seal Stations ? 2x 7.8K 01/10/06
Design Build Bead Maker 2 4.9K 01/20/06
GX Valve/Tube Ladder Code, 
Vision System Upgrades 2.8K 04/19/06
GX Valve Support Sustaining and Upgrades 25K 03-current
Design/Build Lab-Seal Stations 8.1K 01/30/08
Design Build Prefilter Safety Guard 3.5K 03/26/08

Chemical Safety Tech, Inc.
Generate Wire Lists, 
Schematics for MCR Chemical Sys. 3.6K 11/27/96

Cholestech Corporation - Fremont, CA
Design/Detail Camco Upgrade 3.4K 12/16/97
New RB MB Tool Upgrade 5K 12/16/97
Welder Fixture 4.8K 01/19/98
Main Body Tray 1.2K 01/19/98
Build Camco Upgrade 7K 02/26/98
Build Reaction Bar Assembly Station 20K 02/26/98
Build Reaction Bar Welding Station 6K 03/20/98
Consulting Main Body Tray Fabrication 3.7K 04/16/98
Lamination Station Nest Design 4.4K 05/12/98
Consulting, Tower Optimization 2.6K 05/12/98
Lamination Station Nest Prototype 3.3K 06/02/98
Resale of Shipping Containers 1.2K 06/10/98
Consulting, Tower Optimization 2.4K 06/24/98
Fab Finger Spring/Backup 2.8K 05/01-06/01

Cookstop - Redwood City, CA
Design 4 Wire Power unit 2.5K 09/02/08

ECO-Snow - Livermore, CA
Design Build Versaclean 1200 .96K 03/31/05
Design Versaclean new version .36K 02/11/05

HMT Technology - Fremont, CA
Plating Line Control System 31K 05/27/97
Detail Outgassing Chamber .9K 08/04/97
Build Lid Removal Tool 1.8K 10/13/98
Build Lid Removal Tool 2.7K 07/27/00

IBM Austin, TX
Build Audit Tool System and Accessories 48K 03/11/98

IBM China, PRC
Build Audit Tool System and Accessories 38K 11/10/98
Build Edge Card Connectors .9K 11/12/98
Build Inspection System and Accessories 17K 03/04/99
Resale CCD Video Camera System 2.8K 04/21/99
Build Video Rework Fixture 19.7K 07/15/99
Build FiberOptic Light Source 1K 07/16/99
Build FiberOptic Light Source 1.3K 08/26/99

IBM Endicott, NY
Build Optic System 5.8K 09/15/98
Build Video System 5.8K 06/09/99

IBM Mexico, GDL
Build Audit Tool System and Accessories 41K 05/12/98
Build Inspection System and Accessories (3) 16K 07/16/98
Resale 2X Amplifier .7K 08/31/98
Build Universal Soda blast Fixture (6) 9.2K 02/16/99
Fiber Optic System and Accessories (4) 22K 03/29/99
Build Universal Soda blast Fixture 2K 07/30/99

IBM Port Washington, NY 
Fiber Optic System and Accessories 5.4K 05/13/98
Build Audit Tool System and Accessories 7.4K 07/29/98
Build Universal Soda blast Fixture 5K 08/20/98
Build Audit Tool System and Accessories 7K 10/30/98

IBM San Jose, CA
Design/Detail Audit Tool, Prober, Camera, etc. 8.0K 06/26/96
Build Audit Tool Qty. 1 11.3K 07/31/96
Build Audit Tool Qty. 2 21.0K 07/31/96
Design/Build Flex Load/Unload System (4) 68.2K 06/24/96
Design Build Flex Upgrade and Accessories 14.6K 01/29/96
Design Build Soda blast Tool (4) 11K 10/15/96
Design Build Soda blast Tool Accessories 14K 11/23/96
Design Build Pico Buffer 12K 03/16/97
Build Audit Tool System. Qty. 3 100K 09/11/97
Build Nano Audit Station & Acessories Qty. 3 48.2K 03/11/98

Inhale Theraputics - San Carlos, CA
Detail Checkweigh System 3.4K 06/13/99
Detail Checkweigh System 2.5K 06/28/99

Komag - San Jose, CA 
Design Edge Polish System 14.1K 02/01-04/01
Build Edge Polish System 37.1K 04/01-10/01

Kygar Engineering, Inc. 
Disk Media Cleaning Station - Concepts 1.0K 05/01/95

Mipox - Hayward, CA 
Build LPC Machine ? 3x 43.9K 09/10/05

Mitsubishi Electric - San Jose, CA 
Design/Build AMAT Paris Spin Motor 7.5K 04/27/06

Optisolar - Hayward, CA
Design Build Light Soak Test Stands ? 4x 74K 03/04/08

Owens Design - Fremont, CA
Design Disc Loader 7.0K 10/21/08
Build Disc Loader - 2x 5.0K 11/13/08

Parker Hannifin Corporation - Stockton, CA
Design/Detail Fuel Filter Assy. 
Automation Station 1 2 &-3 7K 09/17/97
Design/Detail Fuel Filter Assy. 
Automation Station 4 & 5 5.4K 10/20/97
Build Fuel Filter Assembly Automation Sta 1 4.2K 11/17/97
Build Fuel Filter Assembly Automation Sta 2 3.7K 11/17/97
Build Fuel Filter Assembly Automation Sta 3 3.9K 11/17/97
Build Fuel Filter Assembly Automation Sta 4 6.5K 11/25/97
Build Fuel Filter Assembly Automation Sta 5 13.7K 04/20/98
Design/Detail Fuel Filter Assy. Heater Guide 1.8K 06/02/98
Design/Detail Reservoir Station 5.9K 07/17/98
Build Reservoir Station 15K 10/13/98
Contract Manufacturing - Drain Assembly 3K 11/03/98
Contract Manufacturing - Center Tube Station 7.4K 11/03/98

Phase 2 Automation - Fremont, CA
Consulting/Mech Design: WYCO Robotic Workcell - 
5 Versions, Seagate Guager Upgrade 4.1K 05/01/94

RPR Gencell
Design/Detail Cell Therapy Process 
Equipment Upgrade 2.7K 09/09/96

Seagate - Fremont, CA
Design EDC Cassette Loader 11.2K 05/01-08/01
Fab EDC Cassette Loader 4.7K 06/01-07/01
Refurbish EDC Disc Loader 2.6K 07/01

SMC Pneumatics, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Design Pneumatic Box For 
Applied Materials/CMP 5.6K 02/17/96

Solaria - Fremont, CA
Design/Build Jadec Tray Stackers 12.8K 03/28/07 
Reverse Cubicles ? 6x .6K 06/04/07
Electrical Service ? 250A, 480VAC, 
Transformer, Panel 13K 06/04/07
Electrical Service ? 20A, 220VAC 1.5K 07/07/07
Electrical Service ? 20A, 220VAC .37K 08/03/07
Stackers ? Upgrade 1.1K 09/03/07
Electrical Service ? 20A, 110VAC Receptacles 1.4K 09/17/07
Electrical Service ? Roof Vent Switch/Recept. 1.2K 09/24/07
Design/Build 3AC Robotic Workcell,
Stackers, Conveyor 111K 10/04/07
Electrical Service ? 20A, 110VAC .95K 10/09/07 
Build Busbar Loader/Stacker 73.3K 10/15/07
Roof Electrical Service ? 20A, 110VAC, GFCI 1.1K 10/25/07 
Electrical Service ? 20A, 220VAC 1.2K 10/16/07
Electrical Service ? 30A, 220VAC .66K 10/29/07 
Move Double Door, Relocate Electrical .75K 11/18/07
Move and Replace Door Frame .12K 12/10/07
Electrical Service ? 150A, 3Phase, 220VAC 11.5K 11/26/07
Spare Vacuum Pads .62K 12/20/07 
Electrical Inspection .25K 12/19/07
Spares ? 3AC 3.4K 02/07/08
Spares ? Stackers .32K 02/07/08
Spares - Vacuum Pad .78K 02/21/08 
Build 156mm Fixtures 3.2K 07/14/08
Electrical Service - 60A 220VAC for UPS 1.3K 07/31/08

Ultra Clean Technology - Menlo Park, CA
Build Pneumatic Panel Assemblies, 
6 Models, 20 Units /month 45K 94-96

UVEXS - Sunnyvale, CA
Design UV Lightsource 5.7K 12/09/00
Design Spot Curing Unit 4K 12/31/00
Design UV Curing Lightbox 6.9K 01/31/01
General Fab Design/Consulting 7.7K 03/01-05/01

Western Digital Corp - Santa Clara, CA
Design/Prototype Lid Removal Tool, 4 Types 1.2K 12/05/95
Machining: Straight Lid Removal Tool 2.7K 01/05/96
Design: Lube Degrease Automation 12K 02/01/96
Layout Lube Degrease Hoist Arm, 
Mandrel Frame 3.0K 02/17/96
Layout Loader Tables, Layout Ultronics System 1.6K 05/02/96
Design/Detail Loader Tables 7.2K 05/02/96
Design/Detail Chapman Workstations 5.6K 04/28/96
Design/Build Nest Extension,Hoist Arm 1.5K 06/10/96
PLC Programming, Wire List, 
General Documentation 1.8K 06/10/96
Seismic Analysis, Design/Detail SPEC Subframes 
P. E. Approval And Verification 2.6K 07/02/96
Build Vibration Isolation Workstations (4) 15.1K 06/07/96
Build/Install Lube Degrease Loader Tables (4) 75.9K 06/20/96
Miscellaneous Build/Services .82K 08/08/96
Seismic Analysis, Design/Detail Subframes 
P. E. Approval And Verification 1.6K 08/11/97
Build Equipment Subframes 3.6K 10/07/97
Stress Analysis, Seismic Report, Air Conveyor
& Robot, P. E. Approval And Verification 1.4K 10/23/97
Seismic Analysis, Design/Detail Subframes 
P. E. Approval And Verification 1.1K 11/12/98
Build Equipment Subframes 2.8K 02/26/98

Western Technology Marketing - Mountianview, CA
Consulting: Dreyers Conveyor Upgrade 0.5K 07/03/94

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